Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a campground, RV Park, and RV resort?

Campgrounds contain the most primitive type camping with few amenities. They permit campfires, tent camping, and often times have secluded sites. RV Parks usually have parking of RV’s in a row, with partial or full hook ups available. RV parks offer amenities for the more seasoned RVer including laundry facilities, showers and bathrooms. Often times no fire pits. RV Resort is the whole package. Full hook up sites, activities on site such as swimming pools, lounges, outdoor activities. Once you arrive, you don’t need to leave.

Why do you have a limit of one dog per RV site?

The bottom line for this policy is that in all 17 years we have been here, dogs are our number one problem. (Or more truthfully, some dog owners) All of our RV sites are 30 feet apart and if some campers come with multiple dogs, we suddenly have a concentration of noise and commotion.  It has been our experience that not all dog owners are reliable with pet clean up and pet control.

Why can’t I choose my RV site?

We are a seasonal business and must make a whole years income during the warm season. By optimizing RV placement, we can get the greatest use out of the most sites. All the sites in our park are full hook up and the same size. I always guarantee the type of site you book.  So if you reserve a pull thru site you will get a pull thru site.

Why do I need to check in by 6 PM?

Our RV Park has quiet time starting at 10 PM.  If you arrive by 6 PM, you have time to get set up and get comfortable before quiet time starts.  No one wants to be the camper who gets woke up at 1 AM because the person next to him is just arriving. Also, we are working 7 a weeks during the season and a minimum of 9 hours a day, we’re ready to call it a day!

Why can’t I wash my RV, ATV or truck?

All of our water comes from water shares so we only have an allotted amount of water each year.  Water is a precious commodity, not to mention the mess left behind from muddy vehicles. Buena Vista has several car washes.

Why do you have pay showers?

Once again, all of our water comes from water shares. After putting in pay showers, our water usage dropped 40%. That is significant.  All of our RV sites are full hookup making it possible for all RVers to shower in their own units.  If you choose to shower in our clubhouse, it will cost 50 cents for the first 3 minutes and an additional 25 cents for every 1 1/2 minutes after that.

Why don’t all your RV sites have grass?

We live in a high mountain desert climate with little rainfall.  We have found that keeping grass is time consuming and expensive. We are consciously choosing to embrace the climate we live in.

Why don’t you allow fire pits or charcoal grills?

First, smoke from fires is a problem for people for two reasons; some are allergic to the smoke and most evenings are cool here and people have their RV windows open.  Being high desert climate, we are often in a burn ban.  We do not have facilities at each RV site for you to dispose of hot charcoal and wood.  Propane fire pits are welcome and encouraged.