We offer storage of RV’s, boats, cars, trucks, trailer, snowmobiles etc.

We store RVs, trailers, boats, etc. year round or month to month

Need a place to keep snowmobiles and trailer during the winter so you don’t have to haul them back and forth for a weekend of snowmobiling?

Our storage has easy access, even during the winter.

We have 3 different sizes of storage:

  • Small $25 a month
  • Medium $35 a month
  • Large: $45 a month



Storage Policies:

  1. One item per storage spot.
  2. Payment must be made at least every 3 months or your items in storage will be considered abandoned and you forfeit ownership and we own it free and clear.
  3. You are not allowed to camp in your RV while it is in the storage unit.
  4. You are only allowed in the storage unit during daylight hours.
  5. No refunds for early departure.

Disclaimer:  Mountains Inc., dba Mt Princeton RV Park and Cabins and their representatives are held harmless to all damage that may occur to items being stored on the property.